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Nangang Project of Sinopec Lubricant Joins TEDA


Recently, TEDA Nangang Group and Sinopec Lubricant (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement. Sinopec Lubricant plans to invest and construct Sinopec Lubricant’s Nangang project in Nangang Industrial Zone. The two parties will carry out all-round cooperation around energy supply services, platform co-construction, chemicals trade, logistics and supply chain finance, so as to fuel up the high-quality development of Nangang Industrial Zone.

Sinopec Lubricant’s Nangang project expropriates about 429 mu of land. With a total investment of about 736 million yuan, the first phase of the project will focus on the  construction of five engineering units including base oil storage tanks and coolant production equipment.

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