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Renowned Auto Parts Manufacturer Sees New Breakthrough in TEDA


Recently, the No.2 factory of Tianjin Sihuan Hengxing Automobile Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd. officially completed construction and commenced production in TEDA Industrial Park. With a total investment of 132 million yuan, the project has introduced multiple sets of automated production equipment to expand the capacity of existing precision plastic parts and plastic products for vehicles. Additionally, the project has constructed an office building and plans to introduce R&D teams in the future to research and develop lightweight automobile accessories.

Tianjin Sihuan Hengxing Automobile Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was registered and established in TEDA in 2015. The company mainly supplies FAW-Volkswagen, FAW-Toyota and others clients with supporting products such as auto door panels, handle assemblies, sub-instrument panels, sunroof frames, and drip rails. After years of development, Sihuan Hengxing has become one of the well-known brands in the domestic auto parts manufacturing industry.

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