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A Specialty Rare Gas Project Starts Trial Production in Nangang


On May 6, a specialty rare gas production and filling project of Tianjin Wanghai Technology Development Co., Ltd. started trial production in Nangang Industrial Zone of TEDA. This is a key construction project in Tianjin with a total investment of about 200 million yuan. It consists of five gas production and filling lines, along with supporting facilities for gas cylinder inspection and gas testing laboratories. The project mainly produces crude and refined krypton-xenon, refined helium-neon, liquid oxygen, high-purity oxygen and other products, which will be widely used in fields such as chip manufacturing, aerospace, medical treatment, and scientific research.

Tianjin Wanghai Technology Development Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Nangang Industrial Zone of TEDA in 2022. The company mainly engages in the production and sales of rare gases, laser gases, standard gases, medical gases, electric light source gases, electronic special gases, and ultra-high-purity gases.

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