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TEDA-Made Breaks Again Global Record in Single-Vehicle Load of Heavy-Duty AGV


Tianjin Lonyu Robot Co., Ltd. in TEDA successfully launched and delivered its newly developed 600-ton carrying heavy-duty AGV. This product has once again broken the company’s own global record in the heavy-duty AGV industry. This heavy-duty AGV is 8.5 meters long, 4.54 meters wide, and 1.1 meters high. It can achieve a running speed of 20 meters per minute under a maximum load of 600 tons, with a battery life exceeding 8 hours. It features flexibility and remote control capabilities, capable of performing various movements such as rotation, lateral movement, diagonal movement, and serpentine turning.

Lonyu Robot, located in the Microelectronics Industrial Zone of TEDA, is a globally leading heavy-duty AGV company that integrates R&D, design, and manufacturing. The company has been committed to professional R&D and production in the field of heavy-duty AGV and smart factory intelligent logistics. It provides customers with a heavy-duty intelligent logistics management system, which solves the intelligent transportation of large materials (overweight, overlong, and oversized).

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