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Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone Claims Top 3 in China


The Institute of Free Trade Zone in Sun Yat-sen University released the “2020-2021 China Pilot Free Trade Zone System Innovation Index” quite recently. Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone claimed the top 3 in the provincial comprehensive ranking and the top five in the “trade facilitation”. The institutional innovation index includes five first-level indicators, 19 second-level indicators and 57 third-level indicators, among which, the first –level indicators are “investment liberalization”, “trade facilitation”, “financial reform and innovation”, “government function transformation” and “rule of law environment”. 54 free trade pilot zones in China are evaluated.

Since the inauguration, Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone has played a leading and exploratory role. It has implemented a total of 487 institutional innovation measures, and replicated and promoted 38 pilot experiences and practical cases nationwide. Among them, in deepening the reform of trade and investment facilitation, Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone has implemented more than 100 innovative measures of customs clearance supervision, and the customs clearance efficiency topes all national ports. In 2020, the State Council released the sixth batch of pilot reform experiences of the Pilot Free Trade Zones, and Tianjin’s 10 experiences were selected, being the largest number among all the Pilot Free Trade Zones in China.

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