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Tianjin FTZ Gains New Momentum by Joining Hands with Other Functional Zones


Since August last year, Binhai New Area has achieved breakthroughs in sectors such as biomedicine, e-commerce and big data by linking the China (Tianjin) Free Trade Zone with other functional zones in the area. The interaction among the zones has prompted innovative momentum for industries and benefited consumers by providing more international services.

By interacting with the Tianjin FTZ, the Binhai Hi-tech Zone, a national independent innovation demonstration zone in Binhai, has achieved new gains in the cross-border e-commerce industry.

Since the Tianjin Cross-border E-commerce Demonstration Park landed in the Binhai High-tech Zone in September last year, it has attracted 46 enterprises to settle, and its overall cross-border e-commerce transaction volume has reached 20 million yuan($2.94 million).

“During the period, the park also held various resource docking, themed salons, sharing sessions and other activities in response to the needs of cross-border e-commerce companies. Now, the number of courses independently developed by the park has reached more than 1,000 class hours across more than 10 categories, providing guidance in areas such as business incubation, talent training, and supply chain finance.” said Sun Bowen, head of the Tianjin Cross-border E-commerce Demonstration Park.

In June 2021, the management committee of the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone officially approved the linkage between the zone and the National Stem Cell Engineering Product Industrialization Base in the Binhai Hi-tech Zone to explore gene and cell therapy.

“The linkage with the Tianjin FTZ has injected us with renewed research impetus. We have established new research projects with institutions of the FTZ, and promise to break new grounds in gene and cell treatment to benefit more people,” said Wang Yong, manager of the Vcanbio Company.

In the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, a cross border ecommerce O2O experience center of 1,000 square meters has taken shape, with various imported consumer goods ranging from beverages to maternal and infant products and cosmetics.

“We usually buy imported goods online, and it may take several days for the goods to arrive. But now, consumers can experience sample products here and can scan the code to place orders. The goods will be shipped from the nearby comprehensive bonded area, and delivered to consumers as quick as within an hour.” said Zhang Situo, general manager of the center.

Also in the eco-city, the North Big Data Exchange Center is underway. “Our ultimate goal is to make full use of data to meet different needs, especially in the construction of smart cities.” said Dong Jinhu, deputy head of the center.

Facing the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and northern regions, it will be built into a national leading cross-industry and cross-regional data circulation and transaction ecosystem, and serve as a new engine for the development of Tianjin’s digital economy.

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