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WHO Deems Tianjin Biosecurity Guidelines High-level


The WHO released the Global Guidance Framework for the Responsible Use of the Life Sciences (Framework) and defined Tianjin Biosecurity Guidelines for Codes of Conduct for Scientists (Tianjin Guidelines) as high-level.

The Framework is the first global, technical and normative framework for mitigating bio-risks and governing dual-use research. It aims to provide values and principles, tools and mechanisms to support member states and key stakeholders to mitigate and prevent bio-risks and govern dual-use research.

The Tianjin Guidelines are a set of ten guiding principles and standards of conduct designed to help raise the awareness of individual scientists, to help maintain their focus on biosecurity and relevant institutions, and to create incentives for scientists to conduct responsible science.

Based on a paper drafted by experts at Tianjin University and co-submitted by China and Pakistan to the BWC Eighth Review Conference in 2016, to develop “A Model Code of Conduct for Biological Scientists,” the Tianjin Guidelines is the first international initiative in biosecurity named after a Chinese city.

They were developed collaboratively by Tianjin University’s Center for Biosafety Research and Strategy, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and Inter Academy Partnership (IAP), and were widely consulted on by more than 20 scientists from 16 countries across four continents.

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