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A TEDA Enterprise Named to the List of Potential Unicorn Companies in China’s Information Technology Industry


In the recently released list of unicorn companies and new species in China’s information technology industry, I-KINGTEC Co., Ltd, an enterprise in TEDA, has been named by virtue of its technological innovation and practical experience in information technology application. As a technological innovation enterprise, I-KINGTEC Co., Ltd has formed a series of product lines with “industrial drones + automatic airports + ground robots”. With this core, the fully autonomous drone inspection system, it provides safe and efficient information technology products and solutions for energy, smart city, emergency management and other fields.

The List of Unicorn Companies and New Species in China’s Information Technology Industry is launched by Huayun Data for the first time with Great Wall Strategy Consultants, an authoritative unicorn research institution in China. The list reveals the status of Chinese enterprises that deeply engaged in various segments of application and innovation of information technology, with the main characteristics of “high potential”, “high growth” and “high value”.

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