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Tianjin Launches 2023 Haihe Theatre Festival


Tianjin kicks off its three-month-long Haihe Theatre Festival on Sept 25.

The festival will feature drama groups from both China and overseas, who will perform different theater productions, including spoken drama, traditional Chinese opera, dance drama, musical theater, and children’s plays.

The Chinese Oriental Performing Arts Group, Xi’an Drama Troupe, TNT Theatre from the UK, and the British Bookhouse Theatre, among other renowned domestic and international troupes, will also come to Tianjin for the festival.

It also features performances of the best-known works by renowned playwright Cao Yu, one of China’s most important playwrights of the 20th century. His classic works, including Thunderstorm, Sunrise and Peking Man, are also on the gala program.

This year’s drama festival also includes students from Tianjin universities, with the aim of gathering new talents among young drama enthusiasts.

This year’s drama festival seeks to enrich lives through cultural incentives and provide a new cultural and tourism experience for visitors to Tianjin. Tickets for all the performances at the drama festival can be purchased using Tianjin’s culture welfare card.

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