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2023 Tianjin Marathon Kicks off


On October 15, the 2023 Tianjin Marathon was held in Tianjin as scheduled.

The Tianjin Marathon consists of three events: a marathon, half marathon and health run, with a total of nearly 95,000 applicants and a final number of 30,000 participants.

The competition route connects many urban landmarks such as Tianjin Five Old Street , Minyuan Stadium, Earthquake Resistance Monument, Century Clock, Tianjin Italian Style Street, The Tientsin Eye, The Drum Tower, The Memorial to Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao, and The Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium, allowing runners to feel the cultural charm and urban style of Tianjin while running.

The 2023 Tianjin Marathon set up 9 beverage stations, 7 drinking water stations, and 7 energy supply stations along the race to provide runners with energy gel, bananas, cakes and other supplies. In addition, the Tianjin Organizing Committee organized a complete medical security force, including 31 fixed medical stations, 28 fixed ambulance groups, 8 mobile ambulances, nearly 300 medical staff and 77 physician runners, 125 mobile automatic external cardiac defibrillators, 680 medical safety observers, and set up 10 designated guarantee hospitals. It also opened up green channels to facilitate timely and rapid medical treatment.

On the day of the race, nearly 5,000 volunteers and more than 300 judges worked to protect the runners. Every runner was able to run with peace of mind and confidence, as well as to feel the vitality of Tianjin city throughout.

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