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Tianjin Port Features Tourism, not just Ships


A ceremony was held on Monday to inaugurate the Tianjin Port Cultural Tourism Zone. [Photo provided to]

The Tianjin Port Cultural Tourism Zone was officially inaugurated on Monday, challenging the conventional perception that the bustling port business is solely about containers and ships.

The Tianjin Port Cultural Tourism Zone includes a home port for cruise ships. [Photo provided to]

Spanning an impressive 23.2 square kilometers, the zone successfully passed a national-level assessment on Oct 8, earning it a prestigious 4A-level scenic rating.

The zone boasts various attractions, including a sandy bay in Dongjiang, a container dock, an international cruise home port, an exclusive center for imported wine sales, a uniquely port-themed restaurant, and some areas at the Pacific international container dock.

A sand bay in Dongjiang was open before it became part of the Tianjin Port Cultural Tourism Zone. Tourism revenue is expected to rise. [Photo provided to]

Part of the tour areas were open before, but operated individually. Conglomerated services with other areas are expected to boost tourism revenues, insiders said.

Adding to its allure, the zone in the city’s coastal Binhai New Area also incorporates a workshop dedicated to a National Model Worker, a highly esteemed award bestowed upon the country’s exemplary workers.

Currently, the Tianjin Port Cultural Tourism Zone is operating on a trial basis, with exclusive visits offered to registered companies and organizations only.

The port authorities have announced a plan to open it to the general public in the near future.

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