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Tianjin Holds 2023 China Tianjin Investment and Trade Fair and the PECC Expo


The 2023 China (Tianjin) International Fair for Investment and Trade and PECC (Pacific Economic Cooperation Council) Expo is held in Tianjin from Nov 23 to 26.

The event is divided into three main sections: investment negotiations, commodity trade, and talent exchange.

It features 1,500 international booths, including main exhibition areas at National Convention and Exhibition Center, and 200 booths dedicated to the talents at the Tianjin HR development center.

The main exhibition at National Convention and Exhibition Center covers four halls S1, S2, S7 and S8, which are dedicated to different exhibits.

S1 is dedicated to the e-commerce zone, showcasing products from manufacturing and foreign trade enterprises in Tianjin. It invites domestic and international e-commerce platforms and top cross-border e-commerce ecological service companies for on-site purchasing negotiations.

S2 is dedicated to the PECC and import-export commodity, as well as the time-honored brands. It will showcase distinctive imported and exported goods from various countries and regions such as Russia, the Philippines, and Thailand. The exhibited categories include food, beauty and cosmetics, high-end toys, maternity and baby products, among many items. Additionally, four business matching sessions will be held, providing an effective platform for Tianjin enterprises to engage in international exchanges and collaborations.

S7 is dedicated to agricultural products, highlighting local produce and Tianjin’s agricultural boutique items.

S8 is for domestic provincial and municipal cooperation and exchange, primarily showcasing new and exceptional products from local provinces and municipalities.

During the expo, various themed events will take place, including the 2023 China-Tianjin Business Development Forum, International Commercial Law Forum on the Bohai Rim, High-level Seminar on the Development of Tianjin Cross-border E-commerce, and PECC Import and Export Commodity Matchmaking Meeting.

The International Commercial Law Forum on the Bohai Rim is a newly introduced event aimed at strengthening international intellectual property protection in Tianjin and promoting the establishment of a more open, inclusive, and fair international economic and trade order.

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