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TEDA Signs Cooperation Agreement with Sensors and IoT Industry Association


Recently, TEDA signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Sensors and IoT Industry Association. Leveraging the advantages of the regional automotive industry in TEDA, the Association will harness its collaborative strengths in sensor technology, smart hardware, and the Internet of Things, along with the resources of more than 1,300 related member units. Together, they aim to accelerate the collaborative innovation and cross-industry integration of sensors and the automotive industry. The goal is to facilitate the application of more home-made sensor products in vehicles, making TEDA a new hub for the development of automotive sensors.

Throughout this year, TEDA and the Association have engaged in various levels of interactive exchanges. In April, during the Shenzhen International Sensor Technology Expo, there was industry interaction and exchange between TEDA and the Association. In September, during the 2023 International Forum (TEDA) on Chinese Automotive Industry Development, the Association organized the participation of nearly 20 sensor and automotive electronics companies, laying a solid foundation for the collaboration mentioned in this agreement.

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