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Tianjin and Qinghai to Boost Cultural Exchanges


Tianjin and Northwest China’s Qinghai province hosted a cultural and tourism-themed event at the Tianjin Binhai Cultural Center on May 29, with over 1,000 attendees from government, enterprises and social sectors.

The event highlighted the deep integration of industries between Qinghai and Tianjin, resulting in the signing of cooperation agreements for 24 key projects across eight categories, including major cultural and tourism initiatives and scenic areas.

Entrepreneurs from the cultural and tourism industries of Tianjin and Qinghai engaged in a collaborative dialogue, discussing new directions for the development of cultural and tourism sectors in both regions. They shared insights and offered suggestions to support the growth of the cultural and tourism industries in Tianjin and Qinghai.

The two places have shared a deep bond since Tianjin provided comprehensive assistance to Qinghai’s poverty alleviation efforts with regard to projects, funding, technology and talent.

Performers from Qinghai wearing ethnic costumes sang songs and danced, conveying gratitude towards Tianjin for its support in aiding Qinghai. The performances also extended a heartfelt invitation to people across the country to visit and experience the beauty of Qinghai.

The “Beautiful Qinghai” specialty market product promotion event has also been launched. A wide array of products from Qinghai are presented over the  two-day promotion event, including unique agricultural and livestock products, Chinese herbal medicines, cultural and creative crafts, intangible cultural heritage projects and a variety of local snacks and delicacies.

At the Tianjin Binhai Cultural Center Art Gallery, a monthlong Qinghai Regong Art Exhibition will be held. The exhibition features exquisite Regong Thangka art and the nationally recognized intangible cultural heritage, Yangliuqing woodblock New Year paintings from Tianjin. During the exhibition, there will be interactive events, including an exchange and display of Tianjin’s intangible cultural heritage art.

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