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Latin America Seizes Trade Opportunities with China


A report from on Sep. 27th, 2022:

A smart container terminal at TianjinPort in North Chinas Tianjin on Jan17, 2021. [Photo/Xinhua]

Latin American countries and China are building stronger relationships, opening up new trade channels and strengthening supply chains for mutual benefits, according to analysts.

Henrique Reis, international relations manager at the China Trade Center Group, said trade between the countries of the region is on a growth path.

“What we have to date is exceptionally large trade, but I believe there is room to grow even more,” said Reis, who is based in Sao Paulo. His organization promotes trade, technological and cultural cooperation between China and Brazil.

The robust trade outlook is looking even rosier thanks to trade deals that China has struck with countries like Chile and Peru, and more such agreements are expected to follow.

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