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China to Release More Policies to Sustain Momentum in Foreign Trade


A report from on Sept. 20th, 2023:

China’s foreign trade demonstrated strong resilience and maintained stable performance in the first eight months of the year amid sluggish global economic and trade growth, and the country will take more targeted steps to sustain its growth momentum, said Ministry of Commerce recently.

Since the beginning of this year, economic and trade growth has been subdued worldwide. China’s foreign trade, influenced by a combination of economic and non-economic factors, has been under sustained pressure, said He Yadong, spokesman of the ministry.

Faced with growing severity and complexity, as well as rising risks and challenges, Chinese foreign trade enterprises have risen to the occasion and actively explored international markets, He said, adding that stronger and more effective policies to keep foreign trade stable have been rolled out to remove bottlenecks and enhance product competitiveness.

As a result, China’s foreign trade has withstood multiple pressures and witnessed some positive changes, boasting great resilience and maintaining smooth operation, He said.

Going forward, the country will fine-tune its policy mix to better address the pressing concerns facing enterprises, He said, adding that well-focused policies to advance the development of processing trade and shore up the growth of services trade and digital trade will be introduced.

The country will make dedicated efforts to sustain the momentum of foreign trade development and effectively stabilize its fundamentals, so as to make contributions to the recovery and growth of China’s economy, He said.

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