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China Speeds up Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Sector


A report from Xinhua on May. 14th, 2024:

China has started to channel more energy into the digital transformation of its manufacturing sector to foster new quality productive forces and strengthen the economic momentum.

During a recent executive meeting, the State Council adopted an action plan aimed at advancing manufacturing digitalization. The plan includes measures to fulfill manufacturing needs across diverse scenarios, accelerate technological advancements, and enhance supporting efforts ranging from setting up standards to building service platforms.

Digital transformation is key to advancing new industrialization and the building of a modernized industrial system, according to the meeting.

As Chinese manufacturers have entered a critical stage in their digital shift, the latest government policies will provide guidance for them to speed up their digital drive and facilitate technological application and innovation, according to experts.

For three consecutive years, China has launched smart manufacturing pilot projects, building 421 national-level demonstration factories along with over 10,000 provincial-level digital workshops and smart factories.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence and digital twins have been applied in more than 90 percent of the demonstration plants. 5G has been promoted on a large scale in quality inspection, mining production and other fields. The Industrial Internet now spans all major sectors, with over 200 application examples established.

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