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No.62 Dec. 30th-Feb. 6th

A Medical Device Company’s North China HQ Joins TEDA
Rita Zhou

Director of Marketing Department, Guangdong Dexin Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

A Medical Device Company’s North China HQ Joins TEDA

Yigong (Tianjin) Medical New Technology Co., Ltd. has established its presence in the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park in TEDA, taking on the function of Dexin Medical’s North China Headquarters. The company will engage in in-depth collaboration with major hospitals and vocational institutions in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and conduct programs related to medical equipment maintenance and professional training. Currently, Yigong Medical has signed a framework agreement with Tianjin Vocational College of Bioengineering. The two parties will jointly build the Bioengineering Medical Valley Industry School of Tianjin Vocational College of Bioengineering, creating an intelligent training base for the R&D, maintenance, and training of medical equipment.

Yuanhua Healthcare North China Headquarters Settles in TEDA

Yuanhua Group will invest in establishing the Yuanhua Healthcare North China Regional Technology Medical Headquarters Project in TEDA. The project combines traditional Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment techniques with Western medical services. It aims to establish an integrated online and offline healthcare institution, and create a nation-wide settlement center and sales center. Yuanhua Group, founded with investment from the renowned U.S. private equity fund AvantaLion, has developed a high-end brand in health services and private medical services, with a service network covering over 100 cities in China.

The First Medical Hub Project in Binhai City Settles in TEDA

TEDA Administrative Commission, Tianjin Rail Transit Group, and Tianjin Tianyuan Guangtai International Medical Health Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of cooperation, officially launching the International Medical Hub project in TEDA. This marks the first Medical Hub project in Binhai New Area, Tianjin. The project is intended to be developed into a “Medical, Healthcare and Wellness” demonstration comprehensive complex in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The project plans to establish three major business segments: a scientific diagnosis and treatment center, a healthcare and rehabilitation center, and an industrial innovation center. The construction will be carried out in five phases, with the first phase scheduled for completion in 2024.

10 High-Quality Technology Enterprises Settle in Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park

In a recent event, ten high-quality technology companies, including Tianjin Huicheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Kangpunuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., collectively signed contracts to settle in the Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park. These companies span key industries in the park, such as smart technology, big health, and technology services. These enterprises are characterized by significant brand influence, high technological content, and strong driving capabilities, injecting robust momentum into the development of the Park.

Leading Emergency Response Company Invests in TEDA

Leading emergency response company Xinxing Cathay International Group Co., Ltd. has invested in and established Xinxing Cathay Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. in TEDA. The new company focuses on key technologies in strategic emerging industries such as intelligent human-computer interaction. It is dedicated to building a next-generation integrated application platform that is high-end, information-oriented, and intelligent. The goal is to create an innovative research and service system integrating production, research, and sales in areas such as military supply, firefighting emergency rescue, and civilian products.

TEDA Welcomes Another Regional Headquarters of a Multinational Company

Otis Elevator (China) Investment Co., Ltd., a company located in TEDA, was recognized by the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce as the regional headquarters of a multinational company. Up to now, TEDA has included a total of 9 regional headquarters and 2 headquarters-type institutions, contributing to the continuous growth of the multinational company headquarters cluster. This successful certification once again demonstrates the high recognition of the premium business environment in TEDA by foreign investors and reflects their confidence and commitment to deepening their presence in TEDA.

Sinopec RIPP’s Tianjin Scientific Experiment Base Project Starts

The Sinopec RIPP (Research Institute of Petroleum Processing) Tianjin Scientific Experiment Base Project officially started construction in TEDA’s Nangang Industrial Zone. With a total investment of 1.589 billion yuan, the project includes four scientific research and pilot-scale experiment platforms, including low-carbon refinery-chemical integration, high-end carbon materials, hydrogen energy and electrochemistry, and resource recycling, along with two pilot-scale experiment production bases for special lubricants and petroleum products. It is expected to be completed and operational by 2025.

A Domestic Shipping and Logistics Giant Project Starts Construction in Nangang Industrial Zone

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Tianjin Nangang Hazardous Chemical Smart Logistics Comprehensive Service Center project was held. This project is the first of its kind to commence construction nationwide after the promulgation of the “Standards for the Construction of Parking Lots for Hazardous Goods Transport Vehicles in Chemical Industrial Parks.” The Center is a joint investment of approximately 448 million yuan by a domestic shipping and logistics giant China COSCO Shipping Corporation and TEDA Nangang Development Group. Once completed, it will serve as a comprehensive hub for hazardous chemical parking and storage logistics.

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