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No.65 Apr. 3rd-Apr. 29th

TEDA Enterprise Emaging Launches New Products
Tina Hao

Project Manager of Oversea Department, Tianjin EMAGING Technology Co., Ltd.

TEDA Enterprise Emaging Launches New Products

Tianjin Emaging Technology Co., Ltd., a TEDA-based company, officially launched a brand new maglev air compressor. Developed independently by Emaging Technology, the product can replace traditional gear-driven compressors with a longer lifespan, greater energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. It can be widely applied in fields such as biopharmaceuticals and petrochemicals. Currently, Emaging Technology is developing over a dozen products with maglev technology, including flywheel energy storage and medical ultra-high-speed centrifuges.

TEDA to See Another Corporate HQ

Tianjin BIAM New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. has initiated a high-end coatings intelligent manufacturing and smart spraying project in TEDA. The project will mainly construct production lines for high-end coatings and smart spraying. It aims to meet customers’ demand for high-end coatings supply and integrated spraying services throughout the industry chain. Additionally, Tianjin BIAM New Materials will continue to strengthen its R&D capabilities and make the company a headquarters base for high-end coatings intelligent manufacturing and smart spraying, integrating R&D, production, and sales.

Jinhui Ultra-Clean High-Purity Reagent Project Starts Construction in Nangang

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Jinhui 28,000-ton ultra-clean high-purity reagent project was held in Nangang Industrial Zone of TEDA. The project will construct a production line for ultra-clean high-purity reagent and it aims to become the largest chemical reagent production and research base in northern China. Upon completion, the project will have an annual production capacity of 16,000 tons of ultra-clean high-purity electronic-grade reagents, 10,000 tons of general reagents, and 2,000 tons of medical reagents. It will contribute to addressing China’s shortage of high-end and rare chemical reagents.

First Listed Company in Domestic Industrial Digital Printing Field Initiates Project in TEDA

The Honghua Digital Printing Industrial Integration Base project officially started construction in Nangang Industrial Zone of TEDA. With an investment of approximately 600 million yuan, the project will include an integrated production line with an annual output of 47,000 tons of digital printing ink and 200 industrial digital printing machines. It is planned to be completed and put into operation by 2025. The shareholder of Tianjin Honghua Digital New Materials Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Co., Ltd., is the first listed company in domestic industrial digital printing sector.

Sihuan Hengxing Sees New Breakthrough in TEDA

The No.2 factory of Tianjin Sihuan Hengxing Automobile Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd. officially completed construction and commenced production in TEDA Industrial Park. With a total investment of 132 million yuan, the project has introduced multiple sets of automated production equipment to expand the capacity of existing precision plastic parts and plastic products for vehicles. Additionally, the project has constructed an office building and plans to introduce R&D teams in the future to research and develop lightweight automobile accessories.

Projects of BCIG are Stepping up Construction in Nangang

Following the operation of Phase I project in Nangang by Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. (BCIG), the company is reinvesting 7.1 billion yuan in TEDA’s Nangang Industrial Zone for the construction of Phase II integrated chlor-alkali project, paste resin project, reagent project, and Tianjin Haiguang Pharmaceutical APIs project. Currently, all these projects have commenced construction in a steady pace. Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., with a century-long history, is the cradle of China’s soda industry and the source of modern national chemical industry.

Tianjin’s First Publicly Offered REITs Approved

The closed-end infrastructure securities investment fund of Bosera Jinkai Sci-Tech Industrial Park in TEDA was officially approved. This marks the first publicly offered infrastructure REITs project in Tianjin, as well as another significant step forward in the field of capital market innovation for TEDA and Tianjin. The underlying assets of Bosera Jinkai REITs include the Tianhe Digital Industrial Park project and the Continental Automotive Plant project. These two projects represent Tianjin’s leading position in high-tech industrial parks and advanced manufacturing sectors.

TEDA IP Operation Center Officially Launched

TEDA Intellectual Property Operation Center was officially launched. Serving as a spatial carrier for TEDA Intellectual Property Service Industry Agglomeration Park, the Center will provide multiple service channels for patent information query, agency, legal, financial services, etc. It offers a fully covered one-stop service integrating intellectual property creation, utilization, protection, management, and trade secret protection for innovative entities, injecting vitality into regional innovative development.

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