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Since it was approved as one of China’s first batch of innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases in May 2016, TEDA has kept reform and innovation, established a leading group for the construction of the base led by the main leaders of the administrative commission, launched the Implementation Measures of TEDA to Promote the Construction of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service System, and set a dedicated department called Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Center to coordinate the related affairs in TEDA. Over the past few years, a good situation with the conversion of development power, the optimization of structure, talent gathering, and vigorous development of innovation and entrepreneurship has been formed.

The reform is deepened to optimize the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. Service teams of “expert plus butler” have been built, the “separation of certificate and license” has been actively promoted, the “five reductions (reduction of items, reduction of materials, reduction of steps, reduction of certificates and licenses, and reduction of time limit)” and “four measures (“no meeting each other” for general matters and “once handling” for complex matters and “Internet plus government service” for more than 90% of  licensing and public service matters)” have been deepened, the new approval mode of “standard plus undertaking” has been explored, the implementation of promised, standardized, intelligent and facilitated approval system has been promoted, and a good ecology of innovation and entrepreneurship has been created.

Opening-up and integration add vitality to the innovation and entrepreneurship. Taking Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park as the key point, and based on the advantageous industries, TEDA takes the initiative to link up with the innovation resources from the capital and integrate itself into the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. By virtue of brand events such as “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week”, “Enlightening China” and “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Theme Day”, TEDA promotes reasonable flow of innovation and entrepreneurship resources among large enterprises, scientific research institutes and regions, and organizes averagely more than 200 innovation and entrepreneurship events each year. Taking innovation and entrepreneurship as the main line, it has organized some top-grade innovation and entrepreneurship events represented by “Enlightening China” TEDA Station, “TEDA · Huabo Cup” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest for Overseas Chinese, TEDA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge, TEDA Innovation and Entrepreneurship Open Class, and China-Europe Youth Entrepreneurship Competition.

High-tech finance helps to cultivate new momentum for innovation and entrepreneurship. TEDA builds a “eyas - gazelle - leading enterprise” gradient fostering system, and provides policy supports for startup enterprises in terms of rental, loan interest, financing guarantee and scientific and technological services. It enhances the construction of backup pool of listed enterprises, fully supports qualified enterprises in share reform and listing, and provides efficient customized services for enterprises.

After just a few years of development, TEDA has attracted a large number of incubation carriers to settle here, which provides wide space for scientific and technological enterprises and entrepreneurs in the area, attracts more people to start up business, and creates a prosperous situation of mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

So far, TEDA has gathered 22 incubation carriers, with a business incubation area of nearly 1.208 million square meters, and including 10 national-level incubation carriers.

Incubators and Maker Spaces of Municipal Level or above

National-level Incubators: Tianjin International Joint Academy of Biomedicine Co., Ltd. / Tianhe Digital Industrial Park / Tianjin TEDA International Incubator Center / TEDA SME Science Park / Zhongguancun Rainforest Co-working Space Incubator

Municipal-level Incubator: Tianjin TEDA Industrial Development Group Co., Ltd. / Tianjin Zhongguancun Science Park Operation Service Co., Ltd.

National-level Maker Spaces / Specialized Maker Spaces: Inno-Medicine Maker Space

National-level Maker Spaces: Chuangxiang Space / Jinjing Hulian Technological Ecology Service Platform / Tencent Maker Space (Tianjin) / Sinosteel Code Maker Space / 36Kr Space (TEDA Community) / Beichuang Bailian Maker Space / Tianlong Maker Space

Municipal-level Maker Spaces: 91Maker Tianjin Base / Sizhong Base / YUWOOD Maker Space / Zhongguancun Rainforest Maker Space / Beichuang Bailian Maker Space / Gensbox Industrial Innovation Fusion Base / Binhai Zhongguancun Intelligent Manufacturing Maker Center / National Offshore Entrepreneurial Base for Overseas Professionals (Tianjin Binhai) / Guotu Maker Space

List of Incubators and Maker Spaces of Municipal Level or above in TEDA


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