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TEDA is one of the earliest regions in China to build apartments for employees. Tianhe Apartment, the first blue-collar apartment in China, was completed and put into use in 1994, which indicated the beginning of the large-scale investment in construction of employee apartments in TEDA. As a result of development over years, the area has built and collected 36 employee apartments with a total building area of 2.45 million square meters. Among them, there is 1 public apartment, 1 high-caliber talent apartment, 9 white-collar apartments, 7 comprehensive apartments, and 18 blue-collar apartments. The housing demand of employees in the area can be fully satisfied. In both scale and management services, the employee apartments in TEDA are at the forefront of the economic zones in China, helping to promote the settlement of enterprises and talents, and having become one of the core competences in regional investment environment.

Remarkable Characteristics

Firstly, wide distribution. Employee apartments have been built in TEDA East, TEDA West, TEDA Business District, Micro-electronics Industrial Park, Yat-sen Scientific Industrial Park, TEDA Industrial Park, etc. to promote the balance between employees and residents and integration of industry and city.

Secondly, diversified investment. The apartments are invested by different suppliers such as the administrative committee, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and other investors, forming apartments supply pattern of multiple suppliers.

Thirdly, various types. With various types such as senior-talent apartments, public apartments, white-collar apartments, blue-collar apartments and comprehensive apartments, the guarantee system of apartments can meet the housing demand of employees at different levels.

Management and Services

The Apartment Management Center is the management department of the employee apartments in TEDA. It is responsible for the allocation of apartments invested by the administrative commission, security management, public services, and operation supervision of various apartments in the area.

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