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Tianjin Opens Time-Honored Brands Store


The first time-honored multi-brands store in Tianjin opened recently, launched by GuiFaXiang, a Chinese time-honored brand of snacks.

The store boasts unique design and elaborate layout. Characteristic local landscape such as archaistic stalls, pavilions, waterscape, and canals complement the dazzling commodities, promoting one-stop shopping experience. There was a lot of photo-taking, window-shopping, and buying.

It is equipped with shared streaming rooms where all time-honored enterprises can livestream to the public, disseminate Tianjin traditional culture, and display new folkloric landmarks.

The store in cooperation with all time-honored enterprises, brings in unique brands, intangible cultural heritage products and national high-quality products, covering more than 500 characteristic products such as Go Believe steamed bun and Yangliuqing New Year paintings.

The first Tianjin shops of Chinese old-fashioned brands Shanghai White Rabbit and Beijing Quanjude were also unveiled. Tianjin actively promotes the heritage and innovative development of time-honored enterprises by establishing exhibition halls, tourist attractions, and supermarkets and expanding product sales channels.

Tianjin will also encourage new products, technology, channels, and marketing while preserving old craftsmanship, traditions, and flavors.

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