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TEDA Celebrates Chinese New Year in a Colorful Style


During the 2024 Spring Festival, TEDA will launch a diverse array of welcoming activities, bringing relaxation and joy to everyone during this lively Chinese New Year.

The highly anticipated “Binhai City Night” Haihe River light show will kick off on the Chinese New Year’s Eve. The light show this year will incorporate traditional Chinese cultural elements such as lanterns, fireworks, and Chinese zodiac signs. There will be a beautiful image of a loong soaring over the buildings of Binhai City.

From the first to the eighth day of the Chinese New Year of 2024, Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park will present a national intangible cultural heritage show on the outdoor square. Every evening at 19:00, traditional intangible heritage performances such as “Striking Iron Flower” will shine brightly. Inside the ocean park, the five Wealth Gods will unlock New Year’s gifts for you.

During the period from the Chinese New Year’s Eve to the Lantern Festival, various themed activities such as “Loong Year Exhibition,” “Joyful Night Tour,” and “Ru Meng Ling - National Style Music Concert” will take turns to be staged in the major venues of the Binhai Cultural Center, as well as stage shows including “Poetry Festival: Talented Youths” and “Snow Queen.” These activities offer a non-stop cultural feast with colorful performances.

The Spring Festival Garden Fair in Beitang Ancient Town will open from the first to the eighth day of the Chinese New Year. During this time, traditional Chinese cultural performances such as the Big Fish Parade + Folk Performances, Wealth God’s New Year’s Greetings, Lantern Parades, and Embroidered Ball Throwing. Along with various interactive activities, the garden fair will provide you with a unique experience. There will also be snack markets, cultural markets, and more for you to enjoy.

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