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  • Visit TEDA on Haihe River Cruise
    Come to TEDA, take a cruise and enjoy the clear water, green riverbanks and beautiful views alongside.
  • Tianjin Port, a World-class Port
    TEDA, 3km to Tianjin Port, is the most attractive investment destination in North China and even Asia. As an important channel for TEDA to connect with the world, Tianjin Port lends strong impetus to this prosperous city.
  • Foreign-funded Enterprises Felt Confident about TEDA with a Stronger Presence Here
    TEDA topped all national economic development zones on introduction and utilization of foreign capital in 2020.
  • Beauties in TEDA
    TEDA, an open and inclusive modern city, where people enjoy the life they want and find the opportunity they need. Women here are confident, independent and tenacious. They work hard for dreams and live out loud. There are female elites in all walks of life.
  • Headquarters Gathering in TEDA
    As one of the most attractive places for foreign investment in China and even the world, the agglomeration effect of headquarters economy in TEDA has become increasingly prominent.
  • The Spring Festival in TEDA
    The Spring Festival is around the corner, and there are colorful activities you can enjoy in TEDA.
  • Policy Interpretation
    To attract foreign talent, authorities launch this policy. There are some measures on supporting innovation and entrepreneurship of foreign talent in Tianjin Free Trade Zone.
  • Pharmaceuticals & Big Health
    With China’s largest production base for insulin and enzymes, TEDA is the core area of the biomedical industry in Tianjin and even the Bohai area.
  • International Education
    TEDA attaches great importance to the development of education. Years of efforts make education in TEDA develop vigorously in an all-round way, which makes the city full of confidence and vitality. At present, 34 educational institutions of different levels have been built, including 4 colleges, 7 primary and secondary schools, and 12 pre-primary education institutions. High-quality educational resources covering a vertical system from pre-primary to vocational education and a horizontal system from community to international schools have formed, being able to satisfy various demands of domestic and foreign investors and local residents.
  • Greater TEDA
    Located at the intersection of the Circum-Bohai Economic Belt and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei megalopolis, Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA) is the gateway to the Bohai Bay, and a core zone of Tianjin Binhai New Area. In this passage, you can know the charming TEDA.
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